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Pasta Picture or 3D Model

Superheroes in Pasta

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Most people have a stash of random pasta in their cupboards that needs used up. Here is the perfect opportunity!

We want you to create a pasta picture or 3D model themed on superheroes.

Marvel, DC, transformers, PJ Masks, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Danger Mouse…. the options are endless. From the costumes to their emblems to their vehicles there are so many ways you could create superhero pasta designs.

The picitures/models should be brought along to the marquee the day before Sports Day (Friday 23rd August) no later than 18:00. Entries should be placed next to a number on the table. Please do not label the picture/model with your name to ensure impartiality

The entries will be judged on Friday evening with all entries and the winner’s entry displayed in the marquee on Sports Day. The winners will be presented with prizes at 16:30 on Sports Day.